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Welcome to Church on the Rock

Sharing the Life and Love of Jesus

Hello, Church on The Rock meets once a week for a worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:30, and then we have a weekly Bible Study on Wednesday nights at 6:30.  Topic for this seasons Bible Study is to be announced!  Church on The Rock is pleased to announce that we have a permanent meeting place!  It is a small house right on West Harbor, across from The Pequot.

Come experience the presence of the Most Holy God, and meet Him in a very personal way. He is alive and wants very much to Love us, and to be called our Father. All we need to do is turn from our way, and ask Him!  We are a non-denominational, Spirit filled church.

With the changing seasons comes change.  Change in population, and changing schedules, which means fresh new opportunities!

For more information about where we are meeting or for pastoral care please call: