Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

  • Make God smile
  • Help others do the same by sharing the Life and Love of Jesus with them.

Our Mission
Strive, by what ever means biblical, to propel individuals into their destinies in Christ, believing that will ultimately affect the culture around them for the better, including family, friends, neighborhoods, towns, and governments. For example, teaching and providing opportunity for:

– intense, creative, free, praise and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ,
– prayer,
– study of God’s Holy Word,
– giving,
– the breaking of bread together,
– the cultivation of deep, trusting, abiding relationships between individuals within and without our church, as well as between our church and a growing network of like-hearted ministries.

Our Values

  • To be ambassadors of the Kingdom of Light
  • To give people an invitation into this Kingdom
  • To season the culture, that we are in, with the ingredients of Heaven.